Fake Buddies

New Guidelines(4rd)

    To ensure a fun and safe environment for all our members, note that we'll strictly execute according to the guideliens.

      Quick Guidelines: You can also check out full guidelines below

    Full Guidelines

    001 Joining In The Middle: New members (X)

  1. Members must inform us in advance if they plan to join in the middle of an event.
  2. New members cannot join in the middle of an event.
  3. If you join in the middle, you will still be charged the full amount.
  4. ▶ Details about why discouraging mid-session entries  

    002 Latecomers: We'll charge you(1,000 KRW)

    • We ask that members do not arrive more than 15 minutes late. Latecomers will be charged an additional fee of 1,000 won

    003 2 Hour Rule: Let us know at least 2 hours in advance

    • Please make sure to let us know at least 2 hours in advance if you can't make it to an event or if you'll be running late. If something unexpected comes up last minute, please use our group chat so that other members can update you.

    004 No-Show: We'll kick you out

    • Fake Buddies will kick out members who sign up for events and do not show up repeatedly without giving any notice.

    005 Hookup & Religion & Discrimination: We'll ban you

    • We are not a religious or hookup meetup, and any discrimination will not be tolerated. Any attempts to promote a religion or hookup with members will result in immediate removal from the group.

    006 Members' Hangout: Open to members who have joined at least 3 times

    • To avoid any issues, the person must have attended at least three times. Be aware, if you post directly in our chat even though you're not a member of us, we might have to remove it without notifying you

    007 Advertisement: Reach out to us in advance

    • Be aware, if you post directly in our chat without prior approval, we might have to remove it without notifying you.

    008 Photo/Video Agreement: We'll respect privacy

    • During our session, we may take photos/videos for promotional purposes on social media. If you're uncomfortable with being photographed/filmed, please let us know. We'll respect your privacy and ensure you're not included in the photos.

    009 Waiver and Release of Liability: Insurance strongly recommended

    • Participating in any event can have its risks, including losing property or possible accidents. While we strive to keep our events safe, we can't guarantee that no accidents will occur. We also can't be responsible for actions of individual members of the community. It's a good idea to think about personal insurance before joining our events. By taking part in Fake Buddies events, you understand and agree to these terms.

If you have any feedback, please share it with us
▶ fakebuddies.official@gmail.com