What Is Our Mission?

" Are We a Cult? "

  • No. Then why "Fake Buddies", you might ask?
    The name may sound odd, but it reflects a reality - at first, we're all just strangers.

  • Life or travel in Korea can be challenging.
    Many come here hoping to bond with locals, yet cultural barriers and language differences often stand in the way.
    Koreans typically form close-knit groups based on school or work connections, which can feel impenetrable to outsiders.
    Furthermore, Seoul offers few spaces dedicated to making friendships.

  • Koreans also find the idea of interacting with foreigners appealing, but it can be a little intimidating.
    We want to understand different cultures and widen our views, but language barriers can make it tough.
    As a newer generation, we want to break away from traditional viewpoints and engage with the world more openly.
    This is where "Fake Buddies" comes in.

  • Co-founders KB and Edgar have a mission:
    to create a community where both locals and internationals can mingle, break down walls, and form connections.
    We envision a space where 'fake' buddies become 'real' friends. In this community, we embrace difference, encourage language exchange,
    and celebrate shared experiences.

  • I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but our primary objective is simply to hang out and have real fun together.

  • We're Fake Buddies, on a journey to becoming real friends.